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I what to know…

Does the deserts are always deserts? or maybe thay aren’t desert before?

Does the desert will beocme to normal earth?

Can some animals or plants live at desert?

Why will have desert?

How the world become to desert?

What factors does desert need?


Key questions 

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How do human impact on an environment?

Human do some good things to environment but human do more bad things than good things to environment.

Although human plant plants (trees, flowers…etc.)But sometimes human cut down more trees!

Human need some resources to use and human need energy so when the resources aren’t enough then human go to mining the natural resources under somewhere or in the pit, all of this things will all impact the environment because the if we cutting down the trees then the global warming will more serious and if we mining more natural resources then at the end human won’t have any resources can use and when we use the resources (oil or gas) to be our energy, then the factory will emission some bad things to Earth.

What responsibility do we have to protect nature?

“We just have only one Earth”

A lot of people say this sentence because they know our Earth is face to a challenge…

We need to protect our Earth, we need to protect it let the global warming won’t be more serious.

We have the responsibility to protect nature and Earth because Earth give us a place to live, let us can drink water and let us can breathe, so Earth is really important to us, human let us can life so now we must protect Earth or Earth will step to the devastation.

We need to retard to global warming and we can’t continue to mining too more resources.


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Different kind of Resources – Winnie Sung 
The dispute of the resources – Ruby Chen 
Pros and Cons – Vivian Chen
Extra imformation – Vivian Chen, Ruby Chen


Collating information – Ruby Chen 
Type in work – Vivian Chen 
Presentation design – Winnie Sung

Mini project of Orca(Killer whale) 

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ORCA(Killer whale)


Orca is killer whale, it eats many animals or aquatic life, and for example, it eats leopard seal, baleen whale and krill, and no one eat orca, I think orca is really terror because even baleen whale is bigger than orca but orca still eat baleen whale so no one eat orca maybe is because orca is too dangerous.


America Seattle’s orca(killer whale) are endangered species, the orca is get protect from government. The orcas are endangered species because some fishing vessel catches orca and some poisonous matters are in the ocean, so the poisonous matters will influence the orca’s healthy, and the aquatic life or orca’s food aren’t too much like before, so that is all the reason let orca become to endangered species.


Summery of textbook 

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Antarctica is the coldest, driest, windiest, highest and perhaps the most spectacular continent in the world.

This is despite the fact that more than 75 per cent of the world’s fresh water is trapped in the ice of Antarctica.

It never rains in Antarctica—it only snows and not very often.


A huge dome-shaped ice sheet covers approximately 98 per cent of Antarctica’s surface.

Antarctica’s land mass is actually forced down by an average of 1 kilometer because the land mess is under the weight of over 30 million cubic kilometers of ice.

If Antarctica’s ice sheet were to melt, the world’s oceans would rise by 65 to 70 meters.


The sheer weight of Antarctica’s huge ice sheet forces it to move a few centimeters north every year.

Antarctica is home to the world’s largest glacier—the Lambert glacier. It is over 1 million square kilometers.

This gigantic river of ice drains 10 per cent of the Antarctica ice sheet.

There ice shelves make up over 11 per cent of Antarctica.

The largest recorded iceberg in Antarctica was approximately 335 kilometers by 97 kilometers.

As winter approaches, the icebergs can become trapped in the sea ice. More than 100,000 square kilometers of the sea freeze each day. Winter ice almost doubles the size of the ice-covered continent, making it almost 20 million square kilometers.


As shown in 2.1.6, both the Arctic(North Pole)and Antarctica(South Pole)experience extreme climatic conditions as a result of the amount of sunlight available during different seasons.


In the winter, the temperature can drop below minus 80℃, while in summer the temperature warms up to an average temperature of minus 18℃.

The interior is extremely cold with temperature as low as minus 89.2℃(at Vostok research station)and only about 50 millimeters of snow falls annually.


Katabatic winds are forced by gravity toward the coast from the interior of the continent, which is over 4,000 meters above sea levels.

Video post 

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I see Antarctica when is summer and winter.

And I see the change of Antarctica, I think that looks very spesical, because that shows very long times change,

and it have many change of different time or different place, that’s really cool !

Sometimes when I see that video shows very long times change, I feel kind of shock but very  pulate,

that just like I see that long times change at a few minutes.

Picture post 

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I see two penguins stand or walk on Antarctic.

I choose this image because I think they looks cute but they looks kind of lonely.

I don’t know why they walk along? I think penguins should walk together, just like a group, but they didn’t walk with the other penguins.

Are they mother/father  and kid ? 

Are thay finding the food ?

I find this image at:




I see two penguins, and one penguin on the ice ground is look at another penguin, another penguin is try to jump to the ice ground.

I choose this image is because I think the penguin try to jump to the ice ground is really funny and is cute !

How high does penguin can jump ?

Does that penguin want to help the penguin to jump to the ground ?

Does the penguin stand on the ground was in the water before then jump to the ground, too ?

I find this image at:×360.jpg

I see a lot of penguins are swimming, and thay looks very good at swimming !

I choose this image is because I think it’s kind of shock me beceuse a lot of penguins swimming together is so spectacular.

Why they swimming together?

Are they going to find food?

Are the all penguins same species?

I find this image at:


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Dear Ruby
I am your best friend.
I went to Thailand once, their food usually spicy, I think is really yummy, maybe you can try!
At there, someone are rich someone are poor, that difference is very big, maybe the people at there noone is in the middle, if they’re not rich they most be poor, if they’re not poor they most be rich.

Thailand has many temple, they’re really good !!
Thailand’s new year is in April 13 to 15, you can go Thailand that time, it will be very fun and there will have many delicious and spicy food there !

Your best friend Vivian.

Project Reflection 

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I think yesterday was really good, because yesterday we share the imformation of Thailand to the Grade 1 students, I think it was a very good experience that we can share about what we learn to other people.

I learned about Thailand’s food, religion, sport and holiday, I learned many thing of Thailand, before, Idon’t know what is Thailand’ map looks like and which is there national flag ? But I know them know.

I think I can more cooperation with my partner next time.

Can I choose the partner next time ?


October 5th 2011 

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Resource – Samuel and Vivian

Write – Vivian

Drew – Samuel and Vivian

Typesetting – Vivian

Drew a Thailand map – Samuel


1)Make a map

2)Population bar

3)Famous food in Thailand

4)The size of Thailand